Free Ringback Tones

What is Free Ringback Tones?
Ringback tones is music tones played for you when you are calling someone. It overwrites the normal calling beep tones and let you hear the music your calling person used which usually comes in mp3 format.

Incase you didn't know, ringback tones are doing great in the mobile industry bringing lots of dollar to phone network carrier.

Ringback tones usually is available from your phone carrier only and it will costs you some penny for such service. The ringback tone is stored in their network, they are not downloaded directly to your phone which is why you cannot buy from anyone else but your carrier.

On the time being unless your phone carrier is offering free ringback tones as a part of promotion, a very high chance that there is no free ringback tones for us.If you want one, try asking the operator for any special free ringback tones package. who knows? maybe there's one.

For those who are willing to pay, here's some ringback tones shops for it's subscriber
Verizon media store for verizon wireless subscriber
AT and AMP for T customers

Even myself are waiting for free ringback tones for years, unfortunately there's nothing we can do, until now there is still no free ringback tones for us. If you really need one of these, get it from your line carrier, with just few dollars monthly, you can have a special music for your caller to hear.